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The corridor runs long and lonesome until you come upon a vaulted hall. Inside, crystal orbs hover over a long, wide table, casting sapphire light upon the stone walls. Vigilant seers peer into their orbs, whispering encouragement to their students or sending warnings off to members who are violating the Rules of LegendFire:

The Rules of LegendFire Academy

The following rules exist to ensure that as many people as possible enjoy a peaceful, friendly, encouraging environment while visiting LF.

Degrading Other Members:

* Good etiquette is vital when dealing with other members.

* LegendFire welcomes people of all walks of life, whatever their age, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, religion, ancestry, or disability.

* Members may not, at any time, speak in such a way that diminishes others for their differences, nor for what they may perceive to be a lack of writing knowledge or talent. This is one of the most dishonorable things you can do at LegendFire.

* Keep your critiques constructive and polite. Most writers desire honesty, but there is no reason to be insensitive in the way you present your opinions or corrections. A writer will often learn nothing but a lesson in the uncouth ways of some people when others are insulting or rude.

* Our staff will deal with violators promptly and severely. We have ban buttons, and we are not afraid to use them.

Flame Wars:

* Flame Wars are not tolerated. They will get a thread shut down faster than a jack rabbit shot from a canon. The feelings of all our members are very important to us.

* We define Flame Wars as "ongoing, impolite bickering; verbal fights that have strayed beyond the boundaries of 'debate,' and/or personal attacks upon other members."

* Agree to disagree, should civilized debate no longer be an option.

* Offenders will receive warnings from the staff. Those who persist will be banned.

Rating Your Posts:

* Freedom of expression is very important to us; however, our members include people of all ages and backgrounds, and we wish to ensure this community is pleasant for everyone.

* Rather than create an age-restricted forum for x-rated material, we've decided not to permit it at the present time. LegendFire does not permit erotica or any of its subgenres, including: Erotic Fantasy, Erotic Sci-Fi, Erotic Horror, etc. There are other writing forums on the internet where you may post this genre of writing.

* Any material deemed x-rated will be deleted and the poster notified. Those who persist will be banned.

* You are required to rate all literature you post that may be considered above the PG mark, including images. (This is to prevent other members from being unexpectedly offended by any mature or explicit content. We have a number of students whose interpretations of the word 'offensive' vary greatly, so discretion rules the day.)

* In our Feedback Forums, we provide templates in which we expect you to rate all stories, poems, and non-fiction you post. Using the template is not an option. It is a requirement.

* For all other forums, provide a disclaimer for explicit material or language in the thread title or immediately in the content of your post. Otherwise, we will edit this in for you without notification.

* Our staff reserves the right to change a post's rating if they feel the content is more mature than noted. They reserve the right to delete images that, in their judgment, are offensive.

Foul Words:

* Be mindful of your word choice. You are a writer; you have an arsenal of words at your disposal. Choose wisely.

* The shoutbox is not the right place to post obscenities, no matter what you're venting about. If foul language is seen here, the content will be edited with asterisks.

* Obscenities in thread titles are not permitted and will be edited with asterisks as soon as they are found.

* Obscenities in usernames are not permitted. The staff reserves the right to request username changes. If this request is not complied with, the staff reserves the right to change a member's username.

* The staff reserves the right to edit excessive language in all places except your stories, poems, and non-fiction. Mature language is one of the reasons we provide the templates for the Feedback Forums. Using the template is not an option. It is a requirement.

* Signatures may not contain foul language or inappropriate images. These will be edited with asterisks and the member notified. Though you may find an image or word "pleasing" or "humorous," this doesn't mean the rest of us should be forced to stare at it every time you post.

* Feel free to post whatever you like on your profile page, but be warned that x-rated material is not permitted there either and will be deleted at the administrator's discretion.


* LegendFire has zero tolerance for spammers. If you are a spammer, go away, or we will see you escorted to the door. All spammers are reported to the Invision Power database.

* Our definition of "spammer" is any person who registers and immediately posts a pitch about or link to an outside product, whether writing-related or not.

* Representatives of magazines or contests who wish to inform our members of events and publication opportunities may do so HERE. This is where all writing-related ads are moved to.

* Websites whose owners/administrators contribute to LegendFire as a whole over an extended period of time stand a far better chance of surviving our Anti-Spammer Sword of Doom. LF's staff will decide whether to keep or delete an ad. Our blades are well-honed.

* Links to your own writing are permitted in your signature and profile page and are NOT considered spam, provided that the links do not lead to other writing sites. If you want to share your work with LegendFire, post it in the Feedback forums. Member ads for books that are available for sale go in the Boasting Wall subforum.

Private Messaging (PM) Violating:

* We do not tolerate harassment, spamming, or any other ill use of our messaging system.

* If someone is breaking this rule by sending you spam, pestering, or abusing you through Private Messages, please contact a moderator immediately. Send a copy of the message the member is sending you, and that person will be contacted and issued a warning or banned, depending on the severity of the infraction.

* The administrator reserves the right to remove the Private Message privilege from any member for infractions. Persistent violators will be banned. Spammers will be reported to the Invision Power database.

Shoutbox Etiquette:

We love our shoutbox. All members may post in the shoutbox. We welcome questions, advice, random personal anecdotes. But there are some shouts that we frown upon and others that will not be tolerated.

* Do not use the shoutbox to beg for critiques. Let your contributions in the Feedback Forums earn you critiques instead.

* Do not use the shoutbox to advertise your personal website or offsite activities. This will be considered spam.

* Posting videos or images in the shoutbox "blows it up," meaning it screws up the layout of the shoutbox. Do not post images or videos in the shoutbox. Also, posting extreme lengthsofcharacterswithnospacing accomplishes the same mishap. All shouts that "blow up" the shoutbox will be deleted.

* The shoutbox is not your personal therapy session. While we value you, posting hours of shouts about your woes hogs the shoutbox and renders it useless to anyone else. Please refrain. Please find a therapist. Please continue such discussions through private messages or in a topic in General Discussions.

* Foul language, racial slurs, and obscene comments are NEVER permitted in the shoutbox. These will be edited out if they are found.

Members who persistently misuse the shoutbox will earn a suspension from the shoutbox for a specified number of days, depending on the severity of the infraction.

New Thread Limitations:

We know how exciting it is to present your work for feedback. However, posting too many stories/poetry/essays in a short amount of time will reduce your chances of receiving quick and in-depth feedback. You may post no more than:

  • 1 story or non-fiction piece per day
  • 3 poems per day
  • 1 excerpt in the Shredder per day

* Posts that exceed this numbers will be locked or deleted at the Forum Leader's discretion until the appropriate time limit has passed.

* Remember: we expect you to critique as many pieces as you post, to keep the system functioning properly.

Inside Tips

Give Feedback:

We are not a critique service. We are all about critique exchange. It is vital that you provide others with feedback. If everyone gives feedback, then everyone will receive it. When you take without giving, you throw off the system and someone will end up not receiving feedback, mostly likely you.

Writers often learn more from critiquing the work of others than receiving critiques on their own work. Truly! Practicing critiques trains a writer's eye to find mistakes and weaknesses in their own writing.

* One-line praises like "I liked it, good job" will earn you no favors or critiques.

* Do not respond for the purpose of obliging a member to read your work. Providing shallow feedback, then requesting a critique in return will earn you a warning from a staff member.

* Do not badger other members to critique your work, either through Private Messages, in the shoutbox, or in other posts. Be a productive, generous, kind asset to our community, and you will receive feedback in due time.

* Critique with the honest willingness to help someone else or don't critique at all.

* "But I'm not good at/comfortable with critiquing," you say? Practice makes perfect. And luckily, we have resources pinned in our Feedback forums to help you along.

* A good critique can be a simple one. Provide comments on what worked for you and what did not work for you. Yours is surely a sound opinion. Let a member know how their work struck you and why.

* Provide encouragement, not lies.

* In the event that you choose not to critique, don't expect critiques in return. You may still receive some comments from generous members, but others will avoid your work.

* Read our Guided Tour for more details. This thread explains what our members expect from you and answer general questions about our community.

Show Gratitude:

Every critique you receive comes from other writers who sacrifice valuable time from their own projects to read yours. Be courteous and thank them for their time and feedback even if you do not agree with the comments. Members of LF are very willing to help each other, but if you are not humble, open-minded, and thankful, you will find that many members will avoid your work in the future.

* Receiving criticism on work you hold dear can be painful. The best policy is to have an open mind, take the time to step back from your work, breathe, let it rest, then return to it with the comments in mind. Nine times out of ten, the critiquers pinpointed areas where the piece needs revision.

* In the end, it's up to you to decide whether another's advice benefits your story or not.

School Assignments:

While we at LegendFire are in the business of helping writers hone their craft, we do not permit college and high school students to post their class assignments for feedback until they have been graded by the teacher/professor.

* The assignment is yours to do for an official grade. Posting it here may be perceived as cheating. However, after the material has received its grade, feel free to post it for further feedback.

* School assignments will be locked or deleted at the Forum Leader's discretion and the poster issued a warning.

Plagiarism and Copyright:

* Plagiarism is a criminal offense and will not be tolerated at LegendFire. Offenders will be banned immediately.

* LegendFire does NOT assume the rights of any story, poem, or non-fiction posted here. The authors retain all rights to their work.

* We protect your material as much as we can by having all original works posted in password-protected forums, but we cannot guarantee that unscrupulous members will not steal your material. We are not responsible for stolen material.

* If you discover that a member has plagiarized from another source or has stolen your material, report them to a staff member immediately. While we do not have the resources to take legal action, offenders will be banned from LF.

Thread Necromancy:

* Please do not resurrect old threads. Each post is dated with a timestamp. Inspect this before responding to a thread.

* This is especially obnoxious in the Feedback forums where plenty of new work need comments. Resurrecting old stories and poems is a waste of your time; likely the author has edited the content and moved on long ago.

* Consider any Feedback thread, Introduction, or General Discussion thread older than two months as "dead."

* The only forums where members may resurrect old threads are Writing Games, Writing Challenges, and Writing and Publishing Resources. (If an old challenge catches your interest, by all means post there. If a writing or publishing resource is of interest to you, we welcome your comments and contributions.)

* Resurrected threads will be locked at the Forum Leader's discretion.

Politics and Religion:

* We urge caution when discussing these two topics at LF. These topics usually end in flame wars or with members being offended.

* We wish to maintain a peaceful environment. Maintain a mature, civil attitude when these topics are discussed. We will monitor such discussions closely. "Debates" that get out of hand will be locked.

Should you have any questions related to the Rules of LegendFire, please go down the corridor to your left, or send us an email. We hope you have a great time within the halls of the Academy, and above all else, learn something new!